Power Delivery Projects

Power Delivery Projects

Through proper planning, Dairyland helps ensure continued reliability in the region we serve.

Dairyland's siting and permitting practices align with recommendations established in the National Environmental Policy Act. Dairyland’s real estate and right of way department works closely with property owners utilizing procedural guidelines in acquiring fee title to property and/or right of way easements for electric utility projects.  

To learn more about current and ongoing projects in the transmission, substation and telecommunication areas of Dairyland Power, click on the links below.


Strategic Regional Projects
 Badger Coulee 

 Cardinal-Hickory Creek

  • Barron to Pine Lake 69kV Transmission Line Project
  • Rock Elm-Nelson Area 69 KV Transmission Line Project
  • Sand Ridge (IL) to Lancaster (WI) 69kV Transmission Project