DPC supports La Crosse Dive Rescue Team

DPC supports La Crosse Dive Rescue Team

Dairyland has donated $2,500 to the La Crosse Area Underwater Rescue and Recovery Unit, LLC (Dive Rescue Team) to assist storage facility improvements. 

The La Crosse Dive Team is a non-profit organization formed in 1984 to aid the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department in performing underwater rescue and recovery operations throughout La Crosse County and neighboring counties. The all volunteer dive rescue unit has approximately 25 members including divers and non-divers. The team’s functions include Swift Water/Flood Rescue, Ice Rescue, Underwater Rescue and Recovery & Vessel Security services.

The team has obtained a building in the industrial area west of Gundersen Health System to store their boats, vehicles, lifesaving and diving equipment. The building is in need of substantial plumbing, electrical and structural updates, which Dairyland’s donation will support. 

“The La Crosse Dive Team provides a critical safety service to residents along the Mississippi River and regional waterways. Making sure that their equipment and vehicles are stored securely helps the team achieve their time-sensitive missions. Dairyland is pleased to support their work through this donation,” said Rob Palmberg, Vice President, Strategic Planning.

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