Dairyland’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Dairyland’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

June 16, 2020

Recent events in America confirm how far we as a nation need to go to meet the promise of liberty and equality for all. Diversity, equity and inclusion must be truly integrated in all aspects of an organization. Dairyland Power Cooperative is committed to challenge our organization to ensure we incorporate these fundamental values in all we do, and to help lead change in society.

America’s electric cooperatives were built by and belong to the diverse communities and consumer-members they serve. We were founded on seven principles that set us apart from other businesses. Concern for community and the open, democratic structure of co-ops are two of these core principles. It is part of our heritage and history to be an active participant in our communities and to work to enhance quality of life for all.

Dairyland treats every individual with dignity and respect. The ongoing, essential conversation about racism demands that we recognize how we can contribute to a more transparent, fair and accountable society. Dairyland, our leadership and our employees are expected to play a leadership role in rejecting racism, speaking against injustice, and demonstrating the core values of equity, promised to all Americans.

-President and CEO Barbara Nick and the Dairyland Power Cooperative Executive Team

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