Charitable giving at Dairyland

Charitable giving at Dairyland

Cooperative Principle #7: Concern for Community

As part of Dairyland’s mission to improve the quality of life for cooperative members, Dairyland’s Contributions Committee manages an annual budget of charitable funds to be donated throughout the year. The committee meets monthly to review requests and make decisions on whether requests meet Dairyland’s guidelines.

Recent donations approved by the Contributions Committee include:

F.R.E.E. FEST:  First Responders Emergency Equipment (FREE) is a non-profit event created to support local community and first responders including police, firefighters and EMS personnel. Dairyland sponsored a medical bag that will help put much-needed medical equipment and supplies into first responder vehicles.

The Parenting Place: The Children’s Festival is a free event hosted at Myrick Park that is focused on play experiences that lay the foundation for children’s success. The festival also supports local families all year long by providing funds for free parent support and education programs.

Cassville Ferry: The Cassville Ferry crosses the Mississippi River, taking you from Cassville, Wis., to Millville, Iowa. The ferry operates from May through October. Dairyland’s donation supports the present and future operations of the ferry.

Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center: As a year-round environmental learning center, Eagle Bluff Environmental provides accredited education programs & outdoor adventures to over 16,000 children, adults, and families each year. Dairyland’s donation will help support a new Eagle Bluff Nature Preschool focused on providing nature-centered experiences.

Contributions support community events, specific projects for charitable organizations or general donations focused in our service territory or areas in which Dairyland employees live. Organizations are mainly non-profits and donations are targeted towards organizations/services that focus on community service, education, environmental stewardship or emergency/community crisis funds.

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